Cancer Magnolia Mama print


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“Cancer Magnolia Mama” is a 8.5×11 in. print… With Cancer being ruled by the Moon, it is a true gift to feel her influence while the fiery Sun is at its peak. Thank you Great Mother Cancer for all of the support you intend to feed us with during this time of action. You remind me how to lovingly care for myself, knowing I have a well of support coming from both within and without…

This is my latest creation for @magickalfolkritual! This piece was inspired by the creator of MFR, the lovely Candice, who shared with me a beautiful vision she had while in meditation…

The main concept that I felt from her vision was the idea of reflection, and more specifically, how Cancer, the most receptive of the signs, can teach us that the Great Mother can be reflected, like water, in all we see…

✨Created to invite the Great Mother Archetype and the energy of Cancer to your space and sphere… ✨

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