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Gemini Duality is an 8.5×11 in. Mandala (including border) honoring duality through rich symbology. This piece focuses on the archetype of the Twins who represent the two hemispheres of the brain, the light and the shadow, the yin and yang, and the magic that transpires when these polarities unite.

It is a harmony of the masculine and feminine, which is also representative of Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury, the androgynous messenger between worlds. Mercury is honored through the ethereal, airy nature of this piece, felt through the swiftness of the hummingbirds, the leaping deer, the sage and peppermint forming a pattern reminiscent of wings and the floating yin yang eclipse.

The Lovers tarot card, also corresponding to the sign of Gemini, is symbolized by the two lavender sprigs, and the two hands representing the shadow and light aspects of ourselves coming into union.

The two rainbow hummingbirds embody this union of opposites, carrying the message that embracing the full spectrum of ourselves is essential to lifting the veil of duality and coming into a true embodiment of love. Love of the light and of the shadow in equal measure is how we ascend…

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