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Invoking the Great Mother is a 8.5×11 in print (with border) illustrating the spirit of the Great Mother being invoked in ceremony.

The subject is a woman who is about to enter a transformative journey, where she cannot take with her what has in the past kept her safe and well. She must submerge herself into the journey naked, free of any attachments, previously held notions, and control, knowing that these will not help her as they may have in the past.

She invokes the Great Mother regularly to feel Her softness enveloping her with warming light, carrying her through this path of deep dark transformation with utter grace, fully embracing who she is now, and offering a safe space to grieve who she once was. Eventually she comes to realize that the energy she is invoking is ultimately teaching her how to be the Great Mother to herself.

The Great Egrit lover birds circle above her, offering their serene light, and reminding her to yield fully to the artist who’s is creating the divine masterpiece she is the subject of.

Along this seemingly dark path, she sees that there are illuminating treasures to acquire on here that could only be found by moving through this path of deep transformation.

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