Moon Mother Original painting

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1 in stock


“Moon Mother” is a 6.5”x7.5” in. Original painting

This piece illustrates the initiatory spirit of womanhood. The ascension that takes place when we realize our long lineage of a wild womanly power is unmistakable, and is represented here by a marriage with the Moon… Some of us meet our Wild Woman within when we are gathered with other powerful women. For many it is when we recognize the sheer beautiful power of our bodies and cycles as a reflection of a greater body and influence. For some it is when we must unleash the full extent of our power as a way of protecting ourselves or loved ones. For others it is when we become initiated as a mother…

What has your ascension looked like? What has your honoring of your Wild Woman within looked like? How do you continue to tune into that power within yourself?

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the Moon, and the Wild Woman archetype, promoting heightened intuition, deeper capacity to receive, and manifest dreams.

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Dimensions 11.5 × 9 × .08 in


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