Mother Tree

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9 in stock


“Mother Tree” is an 8.5×11 in. fine art print

This piece illustrates the concept of self regulation, finding that
singular form of safety that helps bring us down to the ground when we are floating, and that lifts our spirits when we are feeling down.

For me, regulation comes from the natural world, and my relationship with the Great Mother archetype. Even when I am unable to submerge myself in a natural landscape or go outside on a whim, I can travel there in my imagination, which is always available to me.

Anytime I’m about to work a spell or commune with my guides, I visualize being with my Mother Tree, and I am regulated through her roots that ground me and her branches that expand in her beautifully unique expression, both grounded and open…
How do you self regulate?

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the spirit of the Earth element, promoting a calmed nervous system, stability, mastery and inner strength.


This piece is printed and cut by me on 100% cotton matte Epson Hot Press Bright paper, with Epson pigmented inks, and so much love and care. I sign each print for authenticity.

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