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“Prophecy” is an 8.5×11 in. Print that combines all of the elements to create a vision of what is to come by drawing wisdom from both the Underworld and the Overworld…

Crow medicine graces us with the remembrance of our mortality and asks us to look upon our shadows and reflections regularly so that we may honor the spirit that is reflected back to us… The spirit that we will always carry through life and beyond.

Ripples carry with them the capacity to expand from one singular point out into eternity, reminding us that every action we take, every thought we think, every memory we make, leaves an impression on how we relate to the world. That there does not exist a ripple that is wrong, only those that have a harder time staying true to their original form…

Flames invite us to scry into the heat of their eternal knowing that nothin is truly in our control, and the more that we accept that, the more space we create for an all encompassing love to grow from the ashes our our once fearful hearts.

The trees willingly let go of their external adornments, full of soft color and life force, to go within and listen deep to the wisdom of the earthen soil below, where their roots come alive and swim in an ocean of unseen magick.

The prophet fears nothing. They keep their eyes open and ready to see life unfold through all of its exquisite light and depth.

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