Protection Spell original painting


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A 7”x7.5” in. Original painting, inspired by the timeless power of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, a beautiful way of clearing and protecting the body and the space before inviting other energies in.

Oftentimes, it is an intentional way to slow down long enough to check in with our bodies, our energy, and our space to see if there are any messages they have for us before moving forward…

Throughout our lifetime, most of us have created maladaptive ways to protect ourselves… Just recently I realized that I have used sickness in my body as a way to protect myself, for example. Quite the paradox eh? And yet, I hear my inner child who simply can’t go to school today. I hear my inner child who wants to be cared for and to be asked how she feels… As I tune in these days, I hear my body telling me through illness that she has been over extended, and that I have neglected her. Or that I have things to process that simply won’t be unless I am still long enough, tuned into my body long enough… So this is her way of communicating and communing with me. It’s protection magick.

As we uncover these deeper truths, may we remember that there are ways we can protect ourselves voluntarily, and that feed our power. That aid us in moving forward with grace and ease. By giving ourselves the time and space to check in, we honor ourselves… We are asking ourselves “how are you feeling”, like a divine mother would.

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