Celestial Influence Altar Card Set

With these cards, you are attuning yourself to the dance of the heavens. By placing them on your altar during corresponding planetary transits, you are welcoming in the magnified energetic signature of that transit into your life to dance with you in a plethora of ways… Sometimes these energies have specific messages for you that will aid you on your path of self discovery. Often times they will create experiences for you to move through by way of synchronicity and signs, in order to move you forward on your soul path. Most importantly, they remind you of the immense power you hold in creating the reality you desire. The intention of this set is to build a solid, supportive, and nourishing relationship with these archetypal entities who are deeply influential in the unfolding of your reality, and who live inside of you already! This is not an oracle deck. This is a tool to remember the oracle within you.

As Above; So Below!


What’s inside…
The Celestial Influence Altar Card Set includes 22 hand drawn and painted altar cards, illustrating through rich Hermetic symbolism, 10 of the heavenly bodies, and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Each set includes 2 high quality miniature wooden easels to display your cards on your altar. To guide you along the way, a 105 page illustrated companion book includes an in depth description of each Planet and Sign of the Zodiac, written to invoke each of these entities during ritual. A list of Hermetic correspondences aid you in connecting to the energy of each specific entity, and can be a guide in creating a specialized altar to honor them during spell-work. Many of these correspondences are found in the imagery and symbols of each altar card! The best part of this book is that it includes a list of intentions that are pertinent to the gifts of each planet and zodiac sign to guide you in your magickal practice!

All of this magick is lovingly held together by a stunning magnetic flip top box, covered in fine Japanese book cloth, embossed  with rose gold foil, and made with our own hands!  For this first edition, my partner Jeff and myself have designed and created most everything in this set ourselves. Apart from the cards and book being printed in Washington and California (close to home), all of the design work was something we learned to do ourselves for this project! As you may tell, SO much love and complete devotion to the vision of this project went into every, single, set. My desire is to bring Planetary Magick down to Earth through these tools, so that this powerful practice can be accessible to everyone through this beautiful, fun and relatable artistic treasure…
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