There is an intimate connection between Image, Imagination, and Magick.

 This connection is what landed me on the path of becoming a creator of altar art and why I promote the power of using images intentionally to create change in our inner and outer experience.

Imagination is one of the most advanced human faculties, not only because of it’s ability to create something in the mind, but because of it’s ability to translate this power from an image in the mind, to a crystallization of that image into reality.
And this is what magick, in its purest essence, is.

Magickal power is inextricably tied to the unconscious, or what I like to call the Deep Self, in that the more attuned you are to the Deep Self, the more magick and influence you have access to. It is like the fertile soil from which all things grow in our lives.

Images are like seeds to the fertile soil of the Deep Self, and to plant seeds intentionally gives us a great deal of influence over our unfolding reality…

What images or symbols are surrounding you right now, and how might these be effecting your unique experience of reality? Are these symbols in alignment with what you are seeking to create in your life?
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Personally, I have found that the more I surround myself with images of integration, helpful guides or allies, or archetypal themes that I am wanting to more fully cultivate in the mandala of my Self, the more supported I am in my own journey through the Great Work on both a physical and psychic level…
And I want us all to become awake to the fact that this support isn’t elusive, and it isn’t out of our reach. It is available to us anytime we put pen to paper or support a beloved artist who is speaking your unique symbolic language.
If I happen to be that artist for you, I am truly honored…
In this carefully curated space, you may enjoy exploring a magickal library of powerful images and symbols to come into dialogue with your Deep Self through.

Much love and many blessings, 



"Isis; Star of the Sea", honoring Cancer season

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"Soul Sisters" a new piece

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All magick begins with the imagination…

This miraculous creative power is the driving force of our complete lived experience, and much like
the subconscious mind, it speaks in images…

Having a tangible, visual representation of the energies we wish to work with to reach our unique aims is vital for effective magick to take place. This is because images create a bridge between our imagination and our physical, unfolding reality.
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So, using images, which is the imagination made physical, like a painting for example, is actually a symbolic gesture in itself to the forces behind our dreams becoming reality.

How brilliant is that? These layers of symbolism woven into our actions, our art and our altars are what these magickal forces are most magnetized to.

Magick and images are, in essence, one in same.

"Isis; Star of the Sea" my newest piece!"