Isis; Star of the Sea

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Egyptian Goddess, Isis, embodies the Great Mother archetype,
ruling over healing, protection and magick; the original witch and alchemist. Stemming from her role in the legendary myth of Osiris’ death and dismemberment, Isis is the principal deity in rites connected to the dead, often invoked on behalf of the sick and the dead for protection.

Through Isis “re-membering” Osiris back to life, she is deeply tied to the Coagulation phase of Alchemy, where the previously separated bits and pieces of the original substance are recombined, or re-membered, in such a way as to realize it’s divinely true essence and full potential. This quality connects Isis to the memory body as well, reminding us that we may either dwell in the pain of the past, or we may remember that there is another perspective that exists where the past may be filled with divine treasures to be celebrated.

Egyptians came to believe that Isis could be found in the brightest star of the night sky, the dog star Sirius. This connects Isis to the cosmos. Readily known as a solar goddess through her connection to the eye of Ra, she is known as “Stella Maris”, latin for “Star of the sea”, which makes her deeply tied to the moon and tides as well.This visual talisman is intended to invoke the spirit of Isis, promoting the ability to remember the past through a new lens, to gather the lost bits and pieces of ourselves, and to recombine these into the most powerful version of ourselves.

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