Ode to Jupiter altar print

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9 in stock


Ode to Jupiter is a 3.5×7.5 in. altar print

Jupiter is the roar of the Elder King’s thunder rolling across the landscape, and his lightning spreading across the sky in brilliant flashes of power. Jupiter is the dandelion spreading over the land with the light of a thousand suns, whose magical orb of wishful seeds ensure more and more light to come forever… Jupiter is called the Greater Benefic, granting deep blessings through luck, material abundance, and expansion of consciousness.

Jupiter’s Benefic influence can be greatly muddled or warped by deep rooted anger, from our own wounds as well as our inherited ancestral wounds… Jupiter medicine also corresponds to the third eye, and as we expand our consciousness, the collective or ancestral anger transforms into a greater perspective in which we are able to break the cycle, unbind ourselves, and find solace within our inner knowing…

The inner teacher seeks greater knowledge, wisdom through vast experiences, and prosperity for all. Because Jupiter represents boundlessness, it is our responsibility to channel his abundance in ways that serve our higher selves, rather than drain our reserves and resources for the sake of fleeting desires, greed or perceived gratification.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the spirit of Jupiter, promoting abundance in all areas of life, an expanded capacity to both give and receive, a deeper philosophical vision and desire to attain knowledge and wisdom, and a general boldness in expressing your truth.

This piece is printed and cut by me on 100% cotton Matte, high quality Epsom Hot Press Bright paper, with Epson Pigmented inks, and so much love and care. I sign my name on the back of each print for authenticity.

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