Altar art, Uranus magic


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•|••Ode to Uranus✨Altar Card••|• Uranus embodies chaos, change, and the dismantling of old structures, as well as innovation, revolution and genius! She is both the Tower and the Star… as a transpersonal planet residing beyond the last of the personal magickal planets, it may be unwise to invoke Uranus’ chaos into your life and magickal practice, yet it is highly important to recognize and observe where her energies dance in our lives, particularly on a macro scale and in our greater culture. As a culture built upon a linear progression mindset, we see how Uranus influences all those forces which throw a wrench into the machine and disrupt that progression, from levies breaking and Norte Dame burning, to an invisible virus that collapses the entire global economy, it is Uranus that embeds these happenings into our seemingly comfortable lives so that we may find true growth on the other side. One does not grow in harmony, comfort and complete security, one grows from chaos, disruption and strain… that is the beautiful part of living here on earth, in our earthly bodies whose survival needs are primary, who only grows strong when physically pushed, and with a mind that feels the whole spectrum of emotions… the beautiful polarity of life. One may only become a genius when the opportunity to solve major problems, or creatively alter consciousness arises. It is when these old irrelevant structures collapse, that new innovations, revolutions and revelations have the opportunity to rise and change the course of humanity and the world. Uranus reminds us that nothing lasts that is understood to be linear, because nothing truly is linear, and when things seem to be falling apart all around us, it is time to shift course and reimagine the system entirely to one that is closer to the continuum, and conducive to the well being of the macrocosm.

✨These cards are like talismans, meant to be placed on your altar to invoke these planetary energies for manifestation work ✨

✨Each card is 3.5 in. X 7.5 in. and printed on 100% cotton Matte, high quality Epsom Hot Press Bright paper, with Epson Pigmented inks, and so much love and care. I also sign my name on the back of each print for authenticity.✨

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