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Dissolution illustrates the second step of the Alchemical process and is part two of a 7 set painting series on Alchemy.

This step is all about dissolving the barriers which stand in the way of shedding light on our shadows. Dissolution is intimately tied to the Sacral Chakra, the energy center where our creative energy is stored and where it flows from. This is the center that holds the imagination, our emotional body, and often where our traumas are stored. Through this process, we are able to dissolve these traumas held here and let them go through the waters of dissolution. Water is the element most closely associated with this process because we are washing away what is no longer helping us evolve, and letting these things return to the ocean, where all water ends up, to dissolve in the collective psychic pool even further. Jupiter is the planet that corresponds to this process, allowing the cleansing waters to expand within us and wash away the barriers that keep us small.

The imagery of this piece is an ode to this process…

-Two Great Egret birds, representing peace and the divine mother fly in opposite directions towards the Sun (consciousness) and the Moon (unconsciousness), with an aim to integrate these polarities.

-They carry the healing waters of dissolution with their wings, streaming this cleansing substance of the both the light of consciousness and the darkness of the unconscious to melt and dissolve into one divine ripple.

-This ripple represent the expansion that takes place through this process. It begins as one drop, and creates an eternity of rings, each ring representing a evolution in consciousness through the power of uniting the opposites within the Self.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the process of Dissolution and bring greater healing to the Sacral Chakra and the energy that is stored there.



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