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“There is a shining point where all lines intersect.”
-Joseph Campbell

The Mercurial spirit that was born from fermentation now drops through the sieve of clarification to reach a new purity of spirit, represented by the lotus flower. Through the alchemical phase of Distillation, we begin to spiral, finding an overlap between our truth and the divine order of the universe. It is a piercing through the veil of lower conscoiusness into a higher state of consciousness…

Corresponding to the Moon and the third eye chakra, we find ourselves at the center of the mandala, ever expanding, ever contracting; ever receiving, ever reflecting; ever rising, ever falling.

The alchemical phrase of “fixing the volatile” translates to stabilizing the changeable, and this is represented by the red serpents around the cross of matter. This happens through an offering of the spirit through either death, or in this case of distillation, enlightenment. This process produces a pure, incorruptible spirit and body, the essence of transmutation and of immortality.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the spirit of Distillation, the alchemical process of purification, to activate the third eye chakra, and to elevate to higher states of consciousness.


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