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This piece is part 5 of a 7 piece series on the Alchemical Process.

“Fermentation” is about the transformation that unfolds from the union that previously transpired through Conjunction, the alchemical marriage. In Fermentation, one rises to their highest potential, but something must die or be sacrificed in order to get there. This is illustrated by the death and resurrection of the grape in order to create fine wine.

This process can only happen in the deep mystery of absolute darkness. Like rotting grapes fermenting in a light tight barrel, this process involves the black heat of putrefaction. It is through this process that the necessary compounds and chemicals get unlocked to first break down an aspect of the original substance, and then to alchemize what is left into it’s highest form; Spirit. An aspect of the Self, and in our case the ego, must go through this process of transformation so that we may unlock the core essence that holds our genius and highest potential. This is how we become Spiritualized.

Corresponding to both Mercury, and the throat chakra, we can consider the power of the Word. Mercury, being the winged messenger between worlds, has the ability to guide one through the Dark Night of the Soul experience that is putrefaction, a process that happens in the mind, and lead one straight to one’s highest potential, which is centered in the heart. Between the mind and the heart is the throat, the bridge connecting thought and feeling to communicate one’s truth, one’s genius, one’s transcendent understanding.

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