Goddess Morrigan original painting


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This is a 7.5×10 in. original painting!

The Morrigan is a Celtic triple goddess, and is also known as the Phantom Queen. She is the guardian of the circle of life, the shapeshifter, and the goddess of both birth and death. In this way, Morrigan corresponds to the influence of Pluto.

As a shapeshifter and the guardian of the veil between worlds, she is linked to the Samhain holiday and is represented by the symbol of the crow and raven. Reishi mushrooms unfold in her presence, a fruit that is known to thin the veil of duality in the heart.

Because of Morrigan’s association with Death, her presence is largely feared to the living, however her essence of profound mysterious and transformative beauty leaves us with a sense of wonderment and curiosity for when we shall meet Morrigan ourselves on our journey, knowing we will be immensely transformed and shapeshifter ourselves.

She will guide us through our own unique underworld to meet the treasures that have laid dormant there, and that are ready to be embodied in a different way.

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