Jupiter Ritual Magick Set

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Jupiter represents the original life force fire that ignites all of creation. As the Greater Benefic of the heavens, Jupiter’s influence has the potential to grant material abundance, luck, and deep philosophical wisdom by guiding us in expanding our perspective. Jupiter aids us in broadening our window of tolerance on a psychic level, so that we may more deeply enjoy all of the pleasures life has to offer us. If you’re ready for that, than you’re ready to do some Jupiter Magick!

Included in this set are…

A 1 oz. bottle of hand-crafted Borage and Sage infused ritual oil
A pouch of Borage and Sage infused dead sea bath salts
A handmade Mugwort, Lavender and Sage cleansing stick
An “Ode to Jupiter” fine art altar print
A Wooden easel
An purple, hand rolled beeswax spell candle
Two Selenite wands
Illustrated instructional cards including-
Intention Suggestions pertaining to Jupiter
Jupiter’s Correspondences
A guided Jupiter Meditation
An Ode to Jupiter (Hymn to invoke verbally)
A high quality magnet flip-top box


Jupiter Ritual Oil-This organic cold-pressed avocado oil is infused with two bold magickal herbs ruled by Jupiter, Borage and Sage. Borage was considered to lift melancholy; according to Culpeper, it expels pensiveness and melancholy, comforts the heart and spirits of those who are sick or from the passions of the heart. Sage has been utilized to ensure a long life—sometimes even immortality. Sage promotes wisdom, clears the aura and is used in countless healing and money spells.

Dead Sea Jupiter Bath Salts-The flowers of Borage infused in Dead-Sea Salts sprinkled in the bath are good for courage or for Jovian protection, and can help with feelings of vulnerability and disjointedness. Logically enough because of its connections to Jupiter, this herb is associated with the Hierophant in the tarot deck. The Celtic name for borage, barrach, means “person of courage”.

“Ode to Jupiter” Altar Card- Illustrates the Elder King with his crown hovering over the material plane, fully adorned with corresponding jewels. Dandelion produces a small universe of seeds representing the fire of creation, and with a breeze, they take off in all directions, blessing us with an abundance of medicinal wisdom. These fine art prints are like talismans, meant to be placed on your altar to invoke planetary energies for manifestation work, particularly during auspicious transits. Each card is 3.5×7.5 in. and printed by me, on the highest quality paper; 100% cotton Matte, and with so much love and care. Each fine art print is signed, labeled and dated for authenticity.

The handmade Mugwort, lavender, and Sage Cleansing Stick was made lovingly with herbs grown on Frux Farm in Oregon. They’re beautiful aromas and properties combine to banish all negativity from your space before you drop into ritual.

Selenite Wands and Hand-rolled Beeswax Candles are both powerful tools for energizing and clarifying, and for protecting your space from undesired energy.

A set of Illustrated Instructional Cards is included to guide you in working Jupiter . These include correspondences, suggestions of intentions for spell work, a ritual card that leads you through working with each element of the box, and an original Hymn to Jupiter designed to be read aloud to invoke the energy. Each instructional card includes whimsical illustrations by Annasbreath, including herbal allies, stones and crystals, and a mandala unique to Jupiter.

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