Mother of Swords original painting


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•••Original painting ••• 6.5×9 in.

the sign of Aquarius and the Star tarot card, inspired this piece…

Though a fixed air sign living in the clouds, she is the water bearer, connecting to the elements through her ability to carry other’s emotions without letting them effect her personally. She sheds those watery emotions onto both the land, the material world, and back to it’s source in the river, the subconscious world. She is skilled at recycling emotions, transmuting them, and guiding them to be purified and neutralized by the land and river, all the while, staying dry and calling for change.

Her ruling planet, Uranus, is a master of revolution, rebellion, and shaking up the status quo. There in lies Aquarius’ powers to lead. Oftentimes she feels alone in her power, for her desire for individuation, innovation, personal freedom run through her blood with a mighty current, and sometimes may show up as being ruled by the ego, being a rebel without a cause, or creating unnecessary conflict.

It is deeply important for Aquarius to learn how to balance their desire for outer revolution with their need for an inner revolution, to shine their light on their shadows.


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