Rapture; The Red Goddess

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The Red Goddess,  also known as Babalon, is known for her ability to find divine, explosive, delectable pleasure in the full spectrum of the human experience. She feels the beauty behind ugliness, the love behind hate, the pleasure behind pain, and she surrenders to the orgasmic dance of the cosmos in each and every way.

There is nothing that she fears, because she knows that behind any fear is a secret desire. She knows that they are intimately linked, and this is the basis of her archetypal make up.

Some may perceive the Red Goddess as a dangerous being, following the taboo with reckless abandon. But if we look closer, we see a being simply operating from the deepest ecstatic bliss for life one can have.

When we work with the Red Goddess, we truly understand that we have everything we desire already, and we remember that we can celebrate that amazing truth. This is the foundation of all magick. It is an understanding that the unconscious has desires too, and it’s reasons for those desires may not make sense to our conscious minds, but they indeed have a truth, a meaning, and a divine function.

The Red Goddess sees that truth, meaning and function behind these shadowy desires clear as day and celebrates them! She wishes to show us how we can see them and celebrate them too in our own unique way.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the spirit of The Red Goddess promoting a deeper perspective on where pleasure can come from, to see the exquisite beauty in life’s dark moments, to make the unconscious conscious, and to recognize the opportunity to be in rapture in every moment.


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