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Soul sisters come together in a celebratory ritual to honor something sacred that has colored their individual lives with beauty, connection, and countless blessings; life long friendship. They come from different places, different hardships, different gifts and proclivities, but they find that when they join together, they rise into their greatest powers.

The Red Ankh is the key of life, connecting them to what makes life so rich and meaningful; the deep soul connections that bring the greatest transformations and beautiful invitations to step into their highest truths…

The Lanterns represent the spirit of kinship pushing aside whatever darkness may be surrounding them individually, and lighting the collective path towards healing and self knowledge. The halo circle that the lanterns create together creates an aura of spiritual fulfillment.

A rising Sun is a symbol of hope, optimism, and an invitation to embrace the changes to both Self and other that inevitably come with time and presence in loving relationships.

This visual talisman tethers us to the divine support that deep friendship provides us in hard times, and reminds us that tending our soul connections is what makes life so rich and so beautiful!

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