Stream of Consciousness

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“Stream of Consciousness”

This piece illustrates divine consciousness streaming through, and like water, reflecting the inner knowing within you.

It is a depiction of the Middle Pillar practice which is a centering and invocation practice drawing divine light from the crown, and wrapping it around the body in a spiral. Here, the divine light is resting upon the crown in the form of a star and it wraps itself around the figure through her long, knowing hair. It moves past her throat and solar plexus and down to her sacral chakra where it begins to turn a soft red, indicating the descent into the physical world, then down to her feet where it turns deep red, representing Earth, Malkuth.

Here she stands in the center of a ripple of water, knowing that the Earth is a reflection of the divine light which emanates from the stars. From this place, she may step into the energies of the collective by being in the presence of her own energetic body, through the portal of the element of reflection, Water.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the element of Water, balancing the energetic body, invoking divine influences, and remembering that the whole of the universe is reflected within you.


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