What’s inside…

This set includes 22 hand drawn and painted altar cards, which illustrate through rich Hermetic symbolism 10 of the heavenly bodies and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. To guide you along the way, this set includes a 105 page, illustrated companion book, which holds an in depth description of each Planet and Sign of the Zodiac. Additionally, each box includes 2 high quality miniature wooden easels to display your cards on your altar.

All of this magick is lovingly held together by a stunning magnetic flip top box, which is covered in fine book cloth, embossed with rose gold foil, and made with our own hands! Enjoy Free shipping.

$55 to $145

Get close and personal with each of the 7 traditional planets to awaken your divine influence. Each planet holds unique qualities and gifts that correspond to an aspect of our lives, and we have the power to draw down these gifts from the celestial sphere and carry them into our personal experience for greater healing and empowerment. And with these planetary ritual boxes, we can create a truly luscious, self-care experience in doing so!

These ritual boxes comes with a high quality miniature wooden easel, made of beechwood.
A colored spell candle, which is naturally died, hand rolled, and made of 100% beeswax, is included to burn through the duration of your ritual. The included Selenite wands are very good at clearing negative energy and magnifying desired energy!


Jupiter for abundance and expansion.
Venus for love of Self and other.
Saturn for boundaries and commitments.

Each planet has a place in our human make-up, and by attuning to their energies, we open ourselves up for greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. By intentionally interacting with each of them through working with their correspondences, like the plants, stones, metals, colors, numbers, and elements associated with them, we are opening communication with them through these earthly channels. Inside of these boxes you will find only the highest quality of treasures.

The herbal body oils, cleansing smoke stick, and dead sea herbal bath salts (specific to each planetary correspondence) are lovingly made with homegrown, more than organic ingredients and are infused with the extra magick that comes with astrologically timed planting and harvesting. Alenka of Stolas Botanicals, the herbalist behind these creations, is an amazing medical astrologer and runs her own permaculture farm outside of Portland, OR.

The altar art included in this set was painted by yours truly, as well as the whimsically illustrated instructional cards that come with each set. These cards will help you create a beautiful altar, and walk you through a beautiful ritual that will attune you to the energies of the specific planet you’re working with. Beginning with clearing and purifying your space and body with the tools provided, and ending with a divine connection to your chosen planet through the astral realm of your great imagination! This ritual will plant the seeds of your intention into the world psyche, and with the help of the planets, these seeds will be fertilized and manifested in no time!

Original Watercolor

Philosopher's Stone

Mother of Swords

Persephone's Dream

Goddess Morrigan

Sagittarian Alchemy

Wildflower Womban