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Ode to Cancer ♋️ is a 3.5×7.5 in. print. Cancer corresponds to the Chariot Tarot card, representative of how they seek out initiatory experiences, and carry their homes with them wherever they go. Being ruled by the moon, they have a very fluid nature, that if not contained by the security and sturdiness of their home, will lean towards emotionally unstable situations in life. Cancer is the sign of the sacred Mother, the protector, the soft waters beneath a hard exterior. The medicine of the Crab she invokes on the shore through her potion of jasmine, sage, and lemon balm gives off an essence of protection as she makes her way, babe on her back, through dark waters, to the oceanic cave of warmth. Cancer is the iron cauldron that contains the soft flower medicine. She is the goddess.

This piece and all the altar cards in the Signs of the Zodiac and Planetary Influence series are 3.5 x 7.5 in.

✨These cards are like talismans, meant to be placed on your altar to invoke these planetary energies for manifestation work during potent planetary transits ✨

✨Each card is 3.5×7.5 in. and printed on 100% cotton Matte, high quality Epson Hot Press Bright paper, with Epson Pigmented inks, and so much love and care. I also sign my name on the back of each print for authenticity.✨

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