Ode to Sagittarius altar print

9 in stock


9 in stock


Ode to Sagittarius is a 3.5×7.5 in. print

The centaur dips their front feet into the waters of the subconscious while their back feet stand firm on the ground, drawing inspiration from the Temperance tarot card which Sagittarius corresponds to.

They are creatures of the night and starry heavens, exploring the depths of the landscape before them and seeking more wisdom, more knowledge, and more perspective, to create a greater understanding of the secrets of the universe. They are fiercely independent wisdom seekers, and divine friends to all. Sagittarius radiates fire and passion in all she does.

Jupiter, Sagittarius’ guardian and ruling planet, aids them in expanding consciousness, awareness, and abundance! A divine child of the Earth and starry heavens…

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the spirit of Sagittarius, promoting a broader and more expansive perspective, deep philosophical study, an inner wisdom keeper to come forward, and a explorative and adventurous spirit to unfold.


This piece was printed and cut by me on 100% cotton Matte, high quality Epson Hot Press Bright paper, with Epson Pigmented inks, and so much love and care. I sign my name on the back of each print for authenticity.

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × .08 in


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