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This piece honors the Archangel Michael, who corresponds to the element of Fire, the South direction, and the Sun.

Michael’s name means “he who is like God”. Archangel Michael is also known as Mika’il, Sabbathiel and Beshter which means “one who provides sustenance for humanity.”

They immense strength and power, and can be called upon for a guiding light, to promote purification, or to envelope yourself or loved ones in loving protection. His main objective is to eliminate fear from our realm. Michael watches over sacred healing waters (wells, streams, fountains) and guards shrines created in honor of the Goddess/divine feminine. One of their great powers is to cleanse negating spirits or energy from the space and body, and to help increase strength and vitality to the chakras and all of the bodies we hold; physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the essence of the Archangel Michael, and the element of Fire, promoting purification, protection, strength, bravery and vitality to those who call upon them.

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