Holistic Hierophant original painting


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The Holistic Hierophant is a 7×8.5 in. original painting illustrating the guide, the teacher, the guardian of truth, ushering in the New Aeon.

Rather than two straight reaching pillars on either side of her throne, like the traditional Hierophant tarot card imagery, she sits at the foot of a curved portal, knowing that it is not a linear journey to reach the heavens, it is cyclical, and the earth herself is heavenly.
Her right hand holds two fingers up, pointing to the heavens, and two fingers down pointing to the earth, she is embodying the liminal space in between, where divine wisdom is being transmuted to the physical realm.
In her left hand she holds the scepter which carries a golden egg, symbolizing the incubation of one’s highest knowing; trust.
The Holistic Hierophant teaches us that we all carry within our body and soul our own golden egg, our own truth, knowing, and potential from which we can turn to for healing at any moment. She teaches us that we do not need to grasp outside of ourselves for answers. And if we do, the guides and teachers we reach for will always guide us right back to our own authentic inner knowing, through somatic, meditative and psychological practices particularly. She represents the portal one must walk through to learn how to trust in our ability to heal and grow within ourselves, with the wisdom that this is exactly what we came through the original portal to do.
She embodies the essence of the great mother, the Earth, in all of her beauty, wisdom, sensuality and magick.

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