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Majestic Trust illustrates a surrendering to forces seemingly bigger than ourselves so that we may find inner peace and healing there, rather than opposition and fear, which keeps us small. It’s about trust…

Trust allows us to step into our majestic power much more so than we are able to in any stance of opposition and fear, which is the food of the ego. Taking a little time everyday to check in on our bodies and nervous system allows us to distinguish where our ego and all of its stories and attachments are residing, and then we may take somatic steps to ground these energies back into the earth to make space for what is truly aligned with the unifying force of our innate divinity.
When our divinity and unity is brought to consciousness, we’re able to seep into the absolute truth of our kinship with the full spectrum of the universe, because we fully feel and realize that this full spectrum is present within us too. In fact it is our super power. As within, so without.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the element of Earth into your space, promoting deep groundedness, centering, and connection to the physical body.

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