Reconciling the Opposites

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This piece honors the dance between life’s polarities through the symbol of the Rose. The Rose represents both duality and integration. It corresponds to both Mars, the planetary archetype of  the divine masculine, and Venus, the planetary archetype of the divine feminine. The Rose is both magnetizing with her scarlet velvet folds and intoxicating scent, and averting with her potential to draw blood through her fierce and piercing thorns. This symbol beautifully illustrates the dance between duality and unification, peace and conflict, which is what makes life so interesting, so bewitching, so endlessly fascinating. Inspired by the Full Moon in Libra, the divine feminine side represented on the left, is illustrated with herbs and flowers corresponding to the sign of Libra, and the divine masculine side represented on the right, is illustrated with herbs and flowers corresponding to Aries. As Libra and Aries dwell on opposite sides of the zodiac, this piece is about reconciling the opposites, and the Rose is the bridge, for she corresponds to both Libra (ruled by Venus) and Aries (ruled by Mars).


This visual talisman is intended to invoke the spirit of unification, to remind oneself to hold space for both the inner masculine and inner feminine, and to dance with each of their divine gifts with greater balance and loving care.

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