Sagittarian Alchemy

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Sagittarian Alchemy

This piece is an illustration of transformative power through the lens of Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter. This painting draws from the theme of coagulation, the last step in the alchemical process that’s symbolized in the combining of the red and white tinctures.

The white tincture represents the qualities of the Empress combining with the red tincture which represents the qualities of the Emperor, to create something entirely new. It also draws from themes of the Temperance tarot card, with the buck’s front feet leaning into the watery subconscious, and the back feet firmly on the ground.

Jupiter is present in this piece through the creation strikes of power, lightning, being channeled into the feelers/antlers of the buck, infusing him with wisdom and divine knowledge. Dandelions, an herb of Jupiter, grace this scene with the light of a thousand Sun’s, who’s wishful seeds ensure a lineage of light to forever come.
Solve et coagula!

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the energies of Sagittarius and Jupiter, promoting an expanded perspective, integration of the subconscious and
material world, transformation in the creative realm, and a more philosophical lens to view life through.



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