Star Dust Mandala

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“Star Dust”

This mandala illustrates the idea of creating form out of chaos, and that however imperfect that form may be, there is a divine function behind it.

By choosing to fully step into our role as creative beings of this earth, we have the opportunity to recombine the bits and pieces we have gathered over our lifetimes so that we may create a masterpiece of divine, yet earthly beauty, power, and meaning. May this mandala remind us that every little piece of our experience and environment has a place in the greater working of the universe ever unfolding. So mote it be… Solve et coagula!

This visual talisman is intended to guide one through the the 7th stage of Alchemy; Coagulation, and invoke the elements of both Earth and Fire, promoting a greater understanding of divine unfolding, honoring the creative space between chaos and order, and doing the alchemical work of recombining the sifted and separated aspects of Self to create a greater unity and wholeness.


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