Ode to Scorpio altar print

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8 in stock


Ode to Scorpio is a 3.5×7.5 in print

Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, Scorpio has all of the drive and ambition of the sacred warrior, but this quality is directed towards uncovering hidden layers of the inner world. In this way, they are masters of exposing the shadows within themselves and others. This quality is what makes Scorpio the sign of deep alchemical transformation.

As a fixed Water sign, and one of the most intense signs of the zodiac, they are skilled at bringing to surface what has been hidden, which is arguably the basis of all successful magick. In this way, they have the potential to become master magicians if they are able to emotionally detach themselves to specific outcomes, and to remember the future, rather than fixate on the past.

Scorpio corresponds to the Death Tarot card, symbolized by the Eclipse, but also by the unmoving pendulum, which drips animating life force into an otherwise still body of water, representing transformation and reincarnation.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the spirit of Scorpio, promoting prophetic visions and clairabilities, to see through illusion and pick up on underlying truths, to better handle the intensities of life, and to bring to surface what has been hidden; shadow work.


This piece is printed and cut by me on 100% cotton Matte, high quality Epson Hot Press Bright paper, with Epson Pigmented inks, and so much love and care. I sign my name on the back of each print for authenticity.


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