Cailleach Mandala

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“Cailleach Mandala”

The winter goddess, Cailleach, is the keeper of the light and the potential for life, through the dark months of the year. She herself represents the Crone, the one who carries and passes on the old stories of the light.

She is felt in the element of Earth as a Spirit of the North, whispering tales of struggle and of the regeneration that is promised to follow. Spring brews under the frigid ground and it is also our time to loom in the depths.

Take a moment to completely and lovingly, surrender to the magick brewing within you…
Call upon the Cailleach to be reminded that the light is returning.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the goddess Cailleach, and the element of Earth,
promoting groundedness, ancestral stories, deep embodiment, and a welcoming of an inner light that has been dormant.


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