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Eclipse Elixir suggests that there is a medicine brewing just for us, during all of our tumultuous life experiences, and that recognizing pleasure in these moments is what activates that medicine. We often get so caught up in the intensities of the moment that our natural inclination towards pleasure becomes eclipsed. This piece suggests, through the Star of Babalon which the figure gazes at, that there is indeed pleasure, beauty, and awe to be experienced from life’s greatest initiations and intensities, regardless of how dark they may seem.
When we set our gaze on these pleasures, often hidden just beneath the surface, the lessons of the Eclipse time, or the dark night of the soul, have been integrated.
We are ready to transform into the new, stellar aspects of our ever unfolding being with grace and exquisite beauty, much like the stellar butterfly emerging from her chrysalis.
This visual talisman is intended to promote an anchor to pleasure through life’s intensities, to connect us to the Goddess Babalon, and to remember that it is only through the darkest depths that we may find the medicine needed to set us free.

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