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Danu is the Irish creation goddess. She binds together the elements of earth, water, air and wind, and holds the keys to unlocking other worlds in order to bring greater diversity and perspective to this realm.

As a goddess of the Water realm, Danu likes the idea of shifting our perspective, and helping us see ourselves as a reflection of the whole, ever flowing, ever changing, and ever in motion. Her intimacy with the waters is also portrayed through her ties to the Moon.

Though depicted as a feminine goddess, mother to all of creation, Danu is also known as a warrior goddess, and holds both the feminine and masculine with equal reverence and understanding. She is a symbol of integration. Her sacred flowing waters mix and mingle with the solid earth to create an enriched and saturated experience of life’s beauty, much like experiencing the landscape with fresh eyes after a heavy rain.

She is said to hold a special oak tree close to her, feeding it and nourishing it so that it’s branches would grow high enough to reach the heavens and its roots would reach down far enough to penetrate the underworld, creating a bridge she could easily traverse.

This piece is intended to invoke the spirit of Danu, who has much to teach us about bridging the worlds, and taking pleasure in the knowing that the whole of the universe is reflected within.

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