Water Dancer

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“Water Dancer”

This piece illustrates Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer who guides the movement of subconscious and emotional material as if she is choreographing a dance that is designed to change the landscape…

Aquarius is from a different plane. The general rules of the collective don’t apply. The waters of emotion don’t weigh her down, but inform her on what is working within the current system and what is not.

The Aquarian archetypal energy aids is in illuminating and projecting our divine star light onto the situation at hand, while not projecting our past onto our unfolding future. To speak from a place of divine knowing, without attaching yourself to any particular outcome. This is how new worlds are built.

This  visual talismanic painting is intended to invoke the energy of the Water Bearer; Aquarius, promoting the ability to balance emotional and subconscious materials with poise and grace, and to bring forth original ideas, and to tap into a greater clarity.

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Dimensions 11.5 × 9 × .5 in
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