Hekate Goddess Mandala original painting


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Mandala to Hecate is a 5×7 in. Original painting, created to invoke the goddess Hecate, guardian of the crossroads into your magickal workings…
Hecate is the keeper of the keys to the underworld and the torch bearer, illuminating any and all dark spaces that now need our attention and acknowledgement. She and her three headed dogs together are the guardians of the crossroads in that when we are presented with knowledge of our truth underneath the ego, we have a choice to make. We may move right into our usual patterns that kept us safe at some point. Or we can choose to take the left hand path, seeing beyond the old facade of safety and trust Hecate to be our guide in traversing our inner landscape only to come back a more whole being, having unlocked a profound part of ourselves, often having overcome fear.

All plants and symbols represented i. This piece correspond to this triple goddess…

This painting is made to sit on an altar in ceremony or meditation, or to be framed to hang on a wall to bless your space with this goddess energy.


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