Libra Ouroboros original painting


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Libra Ouroboros is a 6.5×9 in. original painting, emphasizing the very sensual and beautiful unfolding when major transformation is taking place.
Venus is not one we normally associate with transformation, but she sees the beauty in the ugliness, the pleasure in the pain, the the divine order in the chaos, and the inner child within us all.

Her sign of rulership, Libra, is a gentle balancing force that allows us all to hold paradox with greater compassion, understanding and acceptance. Libra knows that not every act is just on its own, but when looking deeper, into the dark crevices of the psyche and heart, there is an understanding to be found in seeing the whole picture at play, knowing that injustice also plays a role in our evolution to move beyond it.

Libra holds true the idea of creation out of destruction.

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