Mandala to Virgo

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Mandala to Virgo

This piece melds together the archetypes of Hermes, the Magician, the Hermit, and the High Priestess. She is the messenger between worlds and elements, she is the embodiment of an earth centered Mercury. She composes her surroundings just the way she wants them, in organized beauty. At any time that she feels called to reflect on her ideas, she may find solace beneath her feet on the kindred earth.

The High Priestess is the maiden and guardian of the unconscious realm. She has the power to master the dualities of the mind, to come into a greater union with her shadows of fear and worry and to alchemize them into the profound strengths. This is where her immense wisdom around healing and awakening the inner light and ancient knowing stem from. The enlightened Virgo holds her intuition with reverence, guiding her towards creative, magical connections, where faith is her ally and the earth is her temple.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the energies of Virgo into your space, promoting clearness of vision, deep healing of body and mind, and profound magickal abilities in manifesting ideas into the material world.


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