Peace with the Past

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“Peace With the Past”

This painting illustrates the theme of honoring the past, while looking forward into the abyss before us with a deeply rooted strength. From here, we feel that masterful calm that over us when we have accomplished something great. We’ve reached a point in our personal development where there really is no turning back…

Perhaps we’ve been reminiscing on the old stories that shaped our experiences; the scars, as well as the past times that were filled with memories of laughter and sweetness…

Wanting to hold on to who you have been doesn’t automatically mean that you are afraid of moving forward. It can mean that you are giving your past self the loving acceptance they need to settle into a greater contentment, so that they are ready to rest in your memory as an aspect of you that did indeed serve you well for a time.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the element of Earth, the spirit of Saturn and the past self, promoting a peaceful letting go of old attachments and aspects of yourself that are no longer aligned with the highest expression of you, and an inner smile that awaits peacefully for what is to come.


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