Persephone’s Dream original painting


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“Persephone’s dream” was painted during Scorpio season 2020, when it felt like digging deep was particularly inevitable, on a personal and collective level.

By infusing imagery of Scorpio (the eagle) and the story of Persephone (the pomegranate) descending into the underworld, where death, of the ego and/or of the physical, is seemingly dark, we descend even further to find rare, illuminated treasures, and these treasures (the rainbow of crystals representing the 7 activated chakras, paths of the tree of life, and planetary influences) are symbolic of wholeness, the integration of the conscious and unconscious, the physical and spiritual, the individual and the collective, the microcosm and the macrocosm.

This piece is for those who are ready to willingly traverse the depths of their inner underworld, in order to rise back up, excavating the unique and profound gifts/shadows that have been concealed in the unconscious, with the goal of wholeness and full integration.

✨This one is something special… One of my favorite pieces I’ve created.✨

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