Persephone’s Dream

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“Persephone’s dream”

This piece infuses imagery of Scorpio, represented by the eagle, and the story of Persephone, represented by the pomegranate tree and the figure descending through it into the underworld.

Where the face of death, death of the ego and/or of the physical realm, is seemingly dark, we descend even further to find rare treasures there, which can only be illuminated to us in the dark waters of transformation. These treasures, illustrated through the rainbow of crystals which represents the 7 activated chakras, paths of the tree of life, and planetary influences, are symbolic of a greater union and wholeness.

This piece reminds us of the importance of uniting the conscious and unconscious mind, the light and shadow aspects of ourselves. It is from this place where the medicine of the soul is illuminated to us, to be shared, integrated and lived.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the spirit of Persephone and the sign of Scorpio. It is for those who are ready to willingly traverse the depths of their inner underworld, in order to discover the profound medicine that will lead themselves and others towards greater wholeness and integration.



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