Priestess of Integration

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“Priestess of Integration”

The High Priestess surfaces from the unconscious realm and up to the horizon as a symbol of acquiring all that she needed in the depths of her heroine’s journey in order to begin moving forward. The insights she gathered while in the underworld, while emotionally intense, were just the medicine she needed to flow into a greater understanding of her inner workings, her connectivity to the world around her, and the delusions she has been dancing with, perhaps for much too long. She now sees that she is home wherever she may be, in the depths of the underworld where she discovers vast wisdom and medicine, and on the surface to integrate all she’s learned and leaned into in the depths.

Drawing inspiration from the archetype of the High Priestess, who corresponds to the sign of Virgo, this piece invites us to reflect on all we discovered on our journey through the underworld, and what parts of our inner programming we are now having to abandon in order to become fully realized. The High Priestess asks us… What delusions have you been holding onto in an effort to stay true to who you think you are? Who would you be without these delusions?

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the energies of the High Priestess and the element of Water, promoting greater intuitive power, and a sense of ease in integrating shadowy material found in an underworld journey.



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