Self Marriage

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This is the seed moment. We’ve followed the ever downward spiral into the depths, questioning who we are and what our purpose is, and now…

Now we have reached a point so far down below the surface that we find ourselves now descending down from the heavens. 

What parts of your Self are coming back down to Earth to work your newly illuminated Will with you?

From this centered space, where we know without a doubt how divinely supported we are by the heavens above, and how lovingly received we are from the Earth below, all of the hidden corners of the Self are now illuminated and brought to awareness…

What have you been reinforcing in yourself that has limited your sense of capability and pleasure?

It takes tremendous strength and courage to explore the inner world, and even more so to fully embrace every part of ourselves, particularly those parts that we may be ashamed of. The sign of Leo, which this piece is inspired by, is the sign that best represents this process of individuation, illumination of the whole self. Carl Jung, who created this term and psychological process, was himself a Leo. He knew the importance of shining a light on our authentic power, which includes integrating both our gifts and our struggles, our light and our shadow, in order to deliver to the collective our authentic truth, our medicine. 

This is the inner diamond… The word “Diamond”, comes from the Greek word “Adamas”, meaning indestructible, or unbreakable… This is why diamonds are associated with strength, courage, truth and marriage.

This piece reminds us to revisit the vows we made between the budding ego and the higher self on our very first descent down to Earth. For it is here that the divine child within us all concocted our sacred Will, our mission, our medicine… It asks us to consider what a marriage of the Self looks like.

What is your lust for life? What makes you feel powerful, unbreakable? What fills you up with meaning and what inspires you in the depths of your beating heart?


This visual talisman is intended to invoke the spirit of Fire and the sign of Leo, to promote the illumination of the Self, to come into contact with the Divine Child, the Daimon and the Higher Self within, and to enchant our lives with a greater sense of purpose and creativity so that we may share our authentic medicine more effectively.

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