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This piece is part 4 of a 7 piece series on the Alchemical Process.

“Conjunction” illustrates the alchemical marriage, the process of conjoining and combining. After Separation, when we come to a greater awareness of the forces that divide soul from spirit, mind from body, head from heart, and we now are in a place to combine these elements of ourselves in a loving union. This step is the celebratory ceremony that turns a divided Will into a united Will. And of course, all of this happens in the realm of the Heart, the magnetic center which bridges the lower and upper chakras.

Venus rules this step of alchemy, bringing the beauty of ritual and the commitment to one’s own unity, into the limelight. Venus is, after all, the great unifying force of the cosmos. Her sacred metal, Copper, represented by the cups and the ring, also corresponds to Conjunction. Copper is the conductive metal, but it is also the unifying and magnifying metal. It is often combined with other more precious metals to both magnify their unique abilities, and to create a stronger substance. When it oxidizes; it turns green, the color corresponding to Venus, the Heart chakra, and the Earth element.

This piece combines the heavens above and the earth below into a celebrated union…

Once the red and white tinctures blend, a new substance has been created. There is no turning back, each is forever changed.
It is through this union that the qualities of each tincture are able to be complimented by the other. We realize that each tincture is only one part of a greater whole. Through this divine combination, there are hidden treasures, notes, layers and faces, only able to be revealed by each of them…
It is by committing to something that we give ourselves the opportunity to explore the deepest, most intimate depths of Self and Other.

The dark mysterious hands in prayer, and the arrangement of roses, willow leaves, and hydrangea flowers are earthly, feminine expressions of Venus above. The Celtic knot ring represents the marriage of mind, body and soul as a continuum. The Madrone trees with creeping moss represents committed partnership as a mutually beneficial, interdependent and symbiotic relationship.



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