Philospher’s Stone

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Philosopher’s Stone

In spiritual alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone is the result of an alchemical marriage developed through doing the Great Work, a full integration of the conscious and unconscious mind.

We have attained the philosophers stone in those moments of absolute unity with the universe and the full spectrum of life’s energies. When we come to that exquisite “Ahaa!” Moment, realizing that we are all apart of this beautiful web, and the same star dust that we are made of makes up everything we experience materially, emotionally, psychically and spiritually throughout the entire universe. This piece symbolizes the love exchange between Mother Earth and Father Sky, making us the Divine Child of Heaven and Earth, and the realization that is born from this knowledge that the whole essence and potential of magic is all within you, precisely because it is all around you, at all times… As within, so without.

This visual talisman is intended to invoke the energies of both the Air and Earth elements, promoting a merging and integration of the conscious and unconscious, the mind and body, the inner and outer.


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