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“Stone Circle” is a mandala illustrating the element of Earth and the sign of Taurus. The number four symbolizes power, sturdiness and stability. Much like a square, it is a perfectly symmetrical shape with it’s 90 degree angles and equal side lengths. Four Nordic stones, and four grand Oak trees symbolize this stability and power. To be rooted is deeply important to the sign of Taurus, who hold their level of stability very close to their sense of safety.

Magick mushrooms and braided sweet grass are replaced by the traditional Bull figure, as guardians of the interconnectedness of all beings. The pentacle, representing the wisdom of the Earth, is between a bed of rose quartz crystals, which carry the energy of unconditional love, and the unfolding Rose flower, which above all other flowers, is associated with sensuality and pleasure.  The Rose also represents Venus, which is Taurus’ ruling planet and guardian, responsible for Taurus’ undeniable appetite for pleasure, connection, and wealth in all areas of life.

The symbol of the Earth element stands rooted and centered in this underground space, which is so closely tied to the the celestial realm above. This illustrates the idea that the further one traverses down, the closer they are to the top… Lilacs, in all their Spring beauty, curve in towards one another atop the pentacle, the circle of Spirit, and in this way reflect the crescent of receptivity that is symbolized on the glyph of Taurus.


This visual talisman is intended to invoke the element of Earth and the spirit of Taurus, promoting greater stability, sensual pleasure, receptivity to the wisdom of the Earth, and a greater awareness of one’s interconnectedness to all beings.

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